fmLTPBR Learning Resources

The following youTube videos are set up to guide users through all aspects of the LTPBR monitoring protocol and its implementation within the fmLTPBR database application. The videos do their best to cover everything you need to know to get started with the software and its role in project design, implementation, and monitoring.

01 - Protocol Introduction and Overview

A short introduction to the project implementation and monitoring protocol scope, components, and utility.

02 - Getting Started with the fmLTPBR database solution

Introduction to Filemaker Pro and the fmLTPBR database application operation, organization, and features.

03 - Project Scoping and Restoration Objectives

Using the database application during initial project scoping to document project area resources, riverscape features, and reach locations and objectives.

04 - Structure Types and Materials

Low - tech tructure type specifications - the restoratoin cookbook.

05 - Structure Implementation Design and Maintenance

Design of structure an structure complexes as well as specification of structure maintenance.

06 - Rapid Monitoring - Repeat Photos and Site Visits

Using the database application to implement rapid monitoring data collection using repeat photos and site visits to track progress toward restoration objectives.

07 - Field Survey Data Collection

Using the database application in the field to monitor the location and characteristics of structural elements (i.e., beaver dams and wood accumulations) and geomorphic habitat units.

08 - Desktop Riverscape Survey

Using aerial imagery and a GIS to monitoring change in riverscape features.

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