LTPBR Implementation and Monitoring Protocol

The Low-Tech Process-Based Restoration Implementation and Monitoring Protocol and database application outline a set of attributes and survey methods used to document the design, implementation, and monitoring of process-based riverscape restoration projects. The approach draws heavily on the conceptualization of low-tech process-based restoration (LT-PBR) practices developed by Wheaton and others (2019) and operationalizes those ideas through development of a unified framework for consistently documenting and presenting restoration information throughout a project lifespan.

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Protocol Scope and Intent

  • Present an accessible and flexible set of design attributes and monitoring survey protocols that can be consistently applied to the design, implementation, and monitoring of LT-PBR projects.

  • Develop a flexible data collection and project management solution that supports common tasks in proposal development, permit acquisition, and fulfillment of land management agency monitoring and reporting requirements.

  • Advance the science and art of LT-PBR practices by encouraging the adoption of a standardized design, monitoring, and approach to the calculation and interpretation of summary metrics that describe project outcomes and effectiveness.

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fmLTPBR Protocol Database Application

The fmLTPBR database was designed to collect, store, summarize, and disseminate all data requirements within the implementation and monitoring protocol. The database has been designed for use on Windows and Mac operating systems running Filemaker Pro Advanced, and for field data collection on iPads running Filemaker Go.

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This draft of the protocol and database application was by a grant supplied by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, and coordinated by the Mid-John Day Bridge Creek Watershed Council. The protocol was developed based on the combined input of restoratoin ecologists, geomorphologists, and data scientists from Anabranch Solutions, Eco Logical Research, and Utah State University.